Uluwatu Tour

Description :
Explore the beauty of Bali with our Uluwatu Tour Water Sport adventure! Begin your day at the stunning Nusa Dua, where you can enjoy thrilling water sports and soak up the sun on pristine beaches. Next, we’ll visit the enchanting Padang Padang Beach, known for its crystal-clear waters and dramatic cliffs.

Then, we’ll head to Uluwatu Beach, where you can relax and take in the breathtaking ocean views. Don’t forget to visit the famous Uluwatu Temple perched on the cliffs, offering a glimpse into Bali’s rich cultural heritage.

To top off your day, we’ll treat you to a delightful dinner at Jimbaran Bay, where you can savor fresh seafood by the beach while enjoying a mesmerizing sunset. Join us for a memorable day of water sports, nature, culture, and delicious cuisine on this Uluwatu Tour in Bali!

General Price : 

  • Full Day Tour 600K ( 10 Hours)
  • Half Day Tour 450K (5 Hours)
  • Long Trip 700K (12 Hours)

Trip ittineraries for first timer in Bali :

Water sport at Nusa Dua

Padang Padang Beach

Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu Temple

Dinner at Jimbaran bay

Booking Uluwatu Tour